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Steve Turre

May 21, 2010 Leave a comment

I love the Trombone in Jazz, the sound attracts my ear and it sounds delightful!! I have collected all the Greats, J.J.Johnson, Bob Brookmeyer, Slide Hampton, Frank Rosolino, Curtis Fuller, Bennie Green, Kai Winding, Urbie Green, Conrad Herwig to name a few. I recently heard Steve Turre on Bob Parlocha’s Jazz Radio show and he was great!! Check out this nice video which highlights his talent and his latest album.



Urbie Green

May 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Urban Clifford “Urbie” Green was born on August 8, 1926, a professional jazz trombonist who toured with Woody Herman, Gene Krupa, Jan Savitt, and Frankie Carle. Urbie is one of my favorite trombonist and I have quite a few as for some reason I’m drawn to the sound of this instrument. Mr. Green has a soft and pleasing melodic tone. Here are a few samplings of his style and sound. Discover and enjoy!!

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Krzysztof Komeda Tribute

April 27, 2010 1 comment

Krzysztof was a Polish composer and jazz pianist. Born in Poland 1931 and passed in Warsaw in 1969. Today the 27th is his birthday. His music is beautiful and at times haunting. If you have not heard of him or his music, you must discover. He worked and wrote music for Roman Polanski’s early films. Early on he changed his last name from Trzciński to the stage name of Komeda because of the unpopular view the  Communism government held toward jazz. In the late 50’s The Komeda Sextet was the first Polish jazz group playing modern jazz, inspired by The Modern Jazz Quartet and Gerry Mulligan’s Quartet. I have been totally taken by this artist when I discovered his music last year. He died tragically from a hematoma, In Roman Polański’s memoirs he wrote that as a result a of friendly rough-and-tumble at a drinking party with friend Marek Hłasko, Komeda fell down and suffered head injuries. Discover and enjoy!!



Bill Evans plays Nardis!!

April 22, 2010 1 comment

This is a most reflective piece of music and one of my favorites written by Miles Davis. The Bill Evans trio performs this wonderfully and is one of his signature pieces. Three stunning videos capture this talent. This sound which is totally mesmerizing , it’s like the epitome of “The Jazz Trio”!!

Freddie Hubbard’s Ready!!

April 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Freddie Hubbard born on this date in Indiana, seems to a favorite of many including myself. My first album of his which introduced him to me was Red Clay and I fell in love with his sound then. He is an incredible artist playing in the style of my favorite genres of  jazz, Bop, Hard Bop and Post Bop. Speaking of his sound, it is his own, being influenced by Clifford Brown and Lee Morgan. Ready For Freddie is perhaps his best album on the Bluenote label with stellar sidemen, Bernard McKinney on the euphonium, Wayne Shorter on tenor sax, McCoy Tyner piano, Art Davis bass and Elvin Jones on drums. Recorded in 1961 at the Van Gelder Studios, this particular album has extra tracks and been remastered making it a RVG album. This is brilliant work, way up on the WOW scale, definitely a must own album. Happy Birthday to Freddie Hubbard! Discover and enjoy!

Brubeck on the air!

March 20, 2010 Leave a comment

The year was 1956 or 57, I remember now, I was listening to the radio and they kept playing jazz music from this guy Dave Brubeck and his quartet. I remember this stuff being broadcast “Live” and it really sounded good. Dave was on piano and This guy Paul Desmond was on alto sax and boy could he play! Desmond’s playing is so soft and mellow while Brubecks piano work is classic. I remember that this was a couple of years before this same group made a famous album called “Take Five” which really took the jazz world by storm. Man what a memory that know they don’t play this kind of music anymore and what a shame.

Re-discover what it was like to be there in 56 and 57 when jazz was fresh and original. Discover and enjoy!


Don Friedman…A Day in the City

March 18, 2010 1 comment

This 1961 album of Don Friedman’s trio with Chuck Israel bass, and Joe Hunt drums, was ahead of its time, a mix between Avant-Garde, Free Jazz and some romanticism thrown in. Don Freidman said that Bill Evans was his only influence and you can hear some of Bill’s stuff here. But Don is his own artist and he separates himself nicely with some great play from the trio. Don Friedman produced several albums over the years but was overlooked during his career. This is a beautiful and thought provoking album, one of those rare albums where you can loose yourself in the music, this must be owned by all serious fans of the trio format.


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