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Stanton Moore..Groove Alchemy

What a driving beat this guy Stanton Moore has, right out of the box the first track “Squash Blossom” is fresh and funky,WOW! You know something that really thrills me in life?  It’s when I come across something that’s new and I haven’t seen or heard before, and I ask myself, where has this been? I’ve not seen this before, and you find yourself searching to find or listen to more, and that’s what this album had done for me, I gotta listen to more of this music! This artist and album is certainly that kind of discovery. Groove Alchemy is a new album on the Telarc label  by drummer Stanton Moore, a trio album featuring Robert Walter on Hammond B3 and piano, and Will Bernard on guitar. This trio has been around since 2006 and this is their third album. Groove Alchemy is a great combination of groovy, funky, jazzy, bluesy, and I swear do I hear a little Ragtime theme mixed into that funky beat on the “Keep On Gwine” track? Close your eyes and you may think that you just stepped into a New Orleans  jumpin’ / jive joint and wantin’ to know who are these guys? Well Mr. Moore has grown up in that kind of enviroment being a native of New Orleans and has the tradition of being surrounded by an incredible amount of musical influences in which his own music reflects this, my opinion is with this album you get much more than you bargain for. This album is full of surprises for any lover of Jazz, Funk, Blues, R&B, and will convert you into an instant fan of his music, it certainly has me. Discover and enjoy!

Stanton Moore


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