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Don Friedman…A Day in the City

This 1961 album of Don Friedman’s trio with Chuck Israel bass, and Joe Hunt drums, was ahead of its time, a mix between Avant-Garde, Free Jazz and some romanticism thrown in. Don Freidman said that Bill Evans was his only influence and you can hear some of Bill’s stuff here. But Don is his own artist and he separates himself nicely with some great play from the trio. Don Friedman produced several albums over the years but was overlooked during his career. This is a beautiful and thought provoking album, one of those rare albums where you can loose yourself in the music, this must be owned by all serious fans of the trio format.


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  1. April 6, 2010 at 4:57 pm

    A great musician and a fantastic album! I often strum along to it with my semi acoustic guitar as a way to relax.

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