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Stale Bread an a little Jazz History!!

In the  April 26th, 1919 edition of Literary Digest, page 47 in the “Personal Glimpses” section, there’s a story of a blind newsboy in New Orleans known to his gang as “Stale Bread”. He had picked up a violin from a passing minstral show and learned to play. He was always saddened and melancholy and one day hit upon a new kind of music. A Music so wild and swinging and ear catching he played while he sold newspapers on the street corner. Soon his fellow gang members picked up any instrument they could find and joined in his playing this new music until there were 5 playing and were called “Stale Bread’s Spasms Band”. Many years passed as their music of the street and the underworld penetrated into the homes, clubs and restaurants of New Orleans. This is how the music began, before it was known as “jazz”. This history originated 20 years before this column was written as fact by Mr. Joseph K. Gorman the man who is known as introducing  jazz to Chicago.

Literary Digest 1919

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