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The Great Jazz Trio

Hank Jones (piano), Ron Carter (bass), and Tony Williams (drums). were the original Great Jazz Trio. In the spring of 1975, The Great Jazz Trio performed together for the first time at the Village Vanguard for one week.

The trio got together again in May of 1976. This time, they were in a recording studio to record an album with sax player, Sadao Watanabe. The result was the album, I’m Old Fashioned.

The three got along so well that they decided to perform together again. The trio was booked at The Village Vanguard for a week-long engagement between February 14th and 20th, 1977. Hank’s suggested recording the last 3-days of the performance for a live album. In all, six full hours of tape were recorded. These recordings established The Great Jazz Trio as one of the premiere trios of jazz and resulted in a series of three albums – At The Village Vanguard, At The Village Vanguard Volume 2 and At The Village Vanguard Again.

Hank Jones 2/09/2009 Hank Jones receives a lifetime acheivement award from the GRAMMYS.

6/17/2009 Hank Jones 2009 JJA pianist of the Year.

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