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Miles Davis..and his Sextet

Miles Davis disbanded his quintet in 57 and played at “The Cafe Bohemia” with Sonny Rollins and Art Taylor, He went to France and recorded the soundtrack to Louis Malle’s  Ascenseur pour l’échafaud. Returning to New York in December 1957 Miles recruited Julian “Cannonball” Adderley and reformed his quintet into a sextet. January 58 the group appears at “Birdland” and The Continental. Febuary 1958 they record the first half of Milestones and in March they finish the second half. The album is a great bebop and blues set but the namesake piece “Milestones” was a “Modal” masterpiece that set the stage for the historic Kind of Blue album. March 9th. Miles and Cannonball Adderley record Something Else. March – April Red Garland is fired as pianest and replaced by Bill Evans. From April thru May the group is back at “The Cafe Bohemia” Closing May 18th. Philly Joe Jones quits the group and Jimmy Cobb is hired. May 26, 1958  The Miles Davis Sextet records their half of the Jazz Track album. July 3, 1958  The Miles Davis Sextet records at the Newport Jazz Festival, released in 1964 as Miles and Monk at Newport. July – August, 1968  The group opens at the Village Vanguard for two weeks, and records Porgy and Bess. November, 1958  Bill Evans leaves the band and is replaced by Red Garland.. January 1, 1959  The Sextet (with Wynton Kelly on piano) begins a two-week stand at Birdland. March 2, 1959  The Sextet records the first half of “Kind Of Blue” and finish the second half on April 22nd, 1959. Kind of Blue is an album owned by people who don’t listen to Jazz, a sound of something entirely different from what the jazz world had known from before. A group of 6 jazz artist that came together it seems right at the exact moment to create a music for the world and future generations to enjoy. Timeless music here.

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