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Gil Melle Obscura

Gil Melle

Gil Melle

This Jazzman has just a few albums under his own name as leader, but they are true gems. His sound is “West Coast” and he played the Tenor and baritone sax’s. In the 50’s he was an artist with exhibits in New York City and did album cover design for Miles, Monk and Rollins. A great Jazzman and film composer. His scoring span 125 films that include The Andromeda Strain, Night Gallery, The Six Million Dollar Man, and Kolchak: The Night Stalker. But the main reason for this post are to highlight 3 of his wonderful albums.

Primitive Modern / Quadrama, Complete Prestige Recordings 56-57, and a very hard to find Patterns In Jazz.

Primative Modern

Primative Modern


Complete Prestige Recordings

Complete Prestige Recordings







Patterns In Jazz
Patterns In Jazz

 Patterns In Jazz from 1956 is Gil Melle’s definitive straight ahead jazz album, but at the same tim very unique in his selection of artist’s and instruments to feature in this album. Trombonist Eddie BertJoe Cinderilla on guitar, Ed Thigpen drums and Oscar Pettiford bass. The music is bright and colorful yet very approachable with an emphasis on laidback low tones. This disc is only available as an Import but can still be found for under the $40.00 range.

Discover and Enjoy!!!
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