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Larry Vuckovich….Piano Jazz Master

Larry Vuckovich a Westcoast based Jazz pianist who grew up in Yugoslavia studying classical piano. There he developed an interest in jazz listining to “Armed Forces Radio” and experiencing with it himself. At 14 he moved to  San Francisco during 1951 and the exciting Westcoast jazz scene. He met Vince Guaraldi at the club “The Blackhawk Night Club“who took him in as a student. He met alot of the jazz greats visiting the clubs and the Jazz Workshop, Miles, Dizzy, Milt Jackson, Gil Evans, etc. He started playing professionally and worked with Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross and toured the U.S, Canada, and Europe playing with many greats. In the late 60’s he was leader of the house band at  Germanys leading  jazz club playing with many jazz greats including Philly Jo Jones who he went on to tour Europe with and later in the decade he met again after returning to San Francisco where Larry was leader of the house band at the jazz club The Keystone Korner playing there until it’s close in 1983. Larry moved to New York playing at all the great clubs. 1990 he returned to the Bay area. He has several great albums out including Street Scene and High Wall both dedicated to the Film Noir. He has another notable album City Sounds,Village Voices which is very good. Larry Vuckovich is a more obscure name in the Jazz world but a great artist just waiting for your discovery.

Street Scene

Street Scene

High Wall

High Wall

City Sounds Village Voices

City Sounds Village Voices

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