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Stan Getz…the 40’s

The Sound

The Sound

Stan was born in Philadelphia 2 Feb. 1927. He started playing professionally in New York at 15. Lester Young was an early influence. He found that he could play a song perfectly after hearing it on the radio. Jack Teagarden hired him in 1943 and had to assume guardianship of him because of his age to keep him in the band. After 9 months Stan settled in Los Angelas and in 1944 he worked shorty with The Bob Chester Orchestra, Stan Kenton and Jimmy Dorsey while supporting himself as a hat salesman. He also had an opportunity to lead his own trio at the “Hollywood Swing Club”  but went back to New York and in 44-45 joined Benny Goodman and recorded his very first solo with the group. He also recorded his first album Opus De Bop as a bandleader on the bebop label Savoy. He was fired by Goodman in 1946 and his soon to be wife Beverly Stewart arranged a job with Randy Brooks. 1947 Stan returned to California and this time found employment with Woody Herman, during this time frame Stan would develop his signature sound and became one of Woody Hermans Second Herd band which included 4 sax players Stan, Zoot Sims, Herbie Steward and Serge Charloff  which were called “The Four Brothers”. Stans improvisational solo on Early Autumn a Ralph Burns composition featured on Woody Hermans “The Great Big band 1948 Capital recording established him immediately and he started to dominate the jazz polls. He was given the nickname “The Sound” due to his pure ,deep, tonal quality that was quite unlike anything anyone had heard before. Lester Young was quoted as saying that “Getz could sing songs on his tenor sax.

Early Autumn

Early Autumn

Opus De Bop


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