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The first recording of this style of jazz was The Birth of the Cool a 1950 Blue Note album by Miles Davis. Despite the top billing this album was a collaborative effort with many players and arrangers of the period, Miles Davis, Gerry Mulligan, Gil Evans, Lee Konitz, John Lewis, and Gunther Schuller. At the time it was felt that Miles was the best player to represent this new style. This style came about as West Coast (California) players infiltrated the Bop players and the birth-of-the-cool1New York jazz scene. Gil Evans and Gerry Mulligan both working with the Claude Thornhill Orchestra developed a softer sound and more intricate arrangements. This new style arriving shortly after Bebop had begun to establish itself, was immediately unpopular. This COOL style slowly gained popularity and was later known as West Coast Jazz. Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue album is the best selling jazz album of all time and is the masterpiece of COOL JAZZ.  kind-of-blue

Miles Davis,  Gerry Mulligan, Dave Brubeck, Lee Konitz, Stan Getz and Chet Baker are but a few of the  COOL JAZZ artist to discover.

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