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Bud Shank was one of the early pioneers of the jazz flute. Eric Dolphy was a multi-instrumentalist whom had some great flute solo’s. Oliver Nelson‘s album The Blues and the Abstract Truth is a great album and the “Stolen Moments” number was composed by Oliver Nelson and features a wonderful flute solo by Eric Dolphy. Herbie Mann‘s first love was the tenor sax. In 1953 he convinced Mat Mathews who was looking for a flute player for his new band that he could play the flute and told him his instrument was being repaired. Herbie learned the arraingments on the tenor and copied the mannerisms of the then up and coming trumpet players Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie. Herbie developed a distinctive style that would give him a tremendous stage presence. His Live at the Village Gate album is a great place to sample his music. Hubert Laws is an artist who can perform a jazz gig or play with the philharmonic. A career spanning over 30 years his double album The Laws of Jazz/Flute by-Laws is a must have. Yusef Lateef a Virtuoso Grammy winning multi-instrumentalist who plays mainly the tenor sax and flute. His Ballads album is serious.

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