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Clifford Brown

Clifford Brown was incredible, born in Wilmington, Delaware 1930, He played in highschool and collage bands and while still in his teens while attracting the attention of Miles Davis, Todd Dameron, and Max Roach. He studied music at the University of Maryland and in 1952 was involved in a serious car accident that hospitalized him for a year. Autumn of 53 Clifford joined Lionel Hamptons big band where he toured Europe.clifford-brown Lionels band was loaded with talent and their contract stipulated that they couldn’t record with anyone else. Several members including Clifford recorded with other groups and when Lional returned to the USA he was let go. Mid 1954 Brown joined Max Roach and formed the famous Clifford Brown and Max Roach Quintet.  They recorded several albums over the next 2 years and in the early morning of June 26th. 1956 Clifford, Ritchie Powell (pianist and Bud Powell’s brother) and Ritchie’s wife were killed when they went off the highway on the Pennsylvania interstate.

Alone Together is a great album that I highly recommend, and the album The Beginning and the End features Cliffords first recording and his last.


      Clifford Brown biography.
      Trumpet solos and transcriptions
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