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The Hammond b3 is the Organ of choice for Jazz artist. Jimmy Smith brought the jazz organ to the forefront with his great right hand technique,  Originally a pianist in 1953 he purchased a b3 and rented a studio, after a year he emerged with an exciting new sound that put the b3 and the jazz organ in the history books. Jimmy McGriff  a childhood friend of Jimmy Smiths was attracted to the Organ and the was impressed by the reputation that Jimmy was gaining on the Blue Note label.  Joey DeFrancesco  who’s father is multi-instrumentalist “Pappa DeFrancesco” was taking him to jazz clubs when he was only 7. At 17 Miles Davis asked him to join his band and can be heard on Amandla,  the Miles Davis 1989 album. While there are many other organist on the scene these guys are my personel favorites.

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Jimmy McGriffs Greatest Hits is a good place to start for his music.



Incredible is Joey’s Great album featuring Jimmy Smith as guest star.


The Hammond b3 Hall of Fame and the Jazz Organ History are 2 interesting sites dedicated to the music.

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