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Jazz Cartoons Found !!

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Three Little Bops

Three Little Bops

Three Little Bops a Looney Toons cartoon produced in January 1957 featuring  vocals by Stan Freberg and music by Shorty Rogers. Shorty Rogers was one of the creators of West Coast Jazz.  Micky Mouse got into the act in 1929 with The Jazz Fool. Micky and Horace Horsecollar perform on an Xylophone,  and Micky has a piano solo. RKO produced Woodland Cafe in 1957 featuring Apache Dance as the stage show. The Old Mill Pond a Harman-Ising cartoon from 1936 featuring Louis Armstrong, Cab Calloway and The Mills Bros. playing Tiger Rag.


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My Foolish Heart

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I have 2 versions of this great song which are some of my very favorites. Bill Evans Complete Village Vanguard 1961, and Keith Jarrett‘s 2007 My Foolish Heart 3 CD set. It is interesting to listen to these 2 versions by 2 of the greatest jazz pianist’s back to back. Each one is special. Keith starts out soloing and then the bass and drums kick in… STUNNING. I have one suggestion…TURN UP THE VOLUME.


Clifford Brown

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Clifford Brown was incredible, born in Wilmington, Delaware 1930, He played in highschool and collage bands and while still in his teens while attracting the attention of Miles Davis, Todd Dameron, and Max Roach. He studied music at the University of Maryland and in 1952 was involved in a serious car accident that hospitalized him for a year. Autumn of 53 Clifford joined Lionel Hamptons big band where he toured Europe.clifford-brown Lionels band was loaded with talent and their contract stipulated that they couldn’t record with anyone else. Several members including Clifford recorded with other groups and when Lional returned to the USA he was let go. Mid 1954 Brown joined Max Roach and formed the famous Clifford Brown and Max Roach Quintet.  They recorded several albums over the next 2 years and in the early morning of June 26th. 1956 Clifford, Ritchie Powell (pianist and Bud Powell’s brother) and Ritchie’s wife were killed when they went off the highway on the Pennsylvania interstate.

Alone Together is a great album that I highly recommend, and the album The Beginning and the End features Cliffords first recording and his last.


      Clifford Brown biography.
      Trumpet solos and transcriptions
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Jazz Organ

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The Hammond b3 is the Organ of choice for Jazz artist. Jimmy Smith brought the jazz organ to the forefront with his great right hand technique,  Originally a pianist in 1953 he purchased a b3 and rented a studio, after a year he emerged with an exciting new sound that put the b3 and the jazz organ in the history books. Jimmy McGriff  a childhood friend of Jimmy Smiths was attracted to the Organ and the was impressed by the reputation that Jimmy was gaining on the Blue Note label.  Joey DeFrancesco  who’s father is multi-instrumentalist “Pappa DeFrancesco” was taking him to jazz clubs when he was only 7. At 17 Miles Davis asked him to join his band and can be heard on Amandla,  the Miles Davis 1989 album. While there are many other organist on the scene these guys are my personel favorites.

876fb220dca01f861c7e7010_l The Sermon is considered as Jimmys Best. 31yds4w1ybl__ss500_


Jimmy McGriffs Greatest Hits is a good place to start for his music.



Incredible is Joey’s Great album featuring Jimmy Smith as guest star.


The Hammond b3 Hall of Fame and the Jazz Organ History are 2 interesting sites dedicated to the music.

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Thad Jones

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Thad Jones ( 1920 – 1986 ) one of my favorite trumpeters, His brothers were Hank Jones (pianist), and Elvin Jones(drums). He joined the Count Basie orchestra in 54 where he arranged, composed and performed for 9 years. In 65 he and Mel Lewis formed the “Thad Jones / Mel Lewis Big Band” The group initially began with informal late night jam sessions with New York’s top studio musicians. The group eventually began performing at the Village Vanguard to great success. In 1978 they won a Grammy for the Live in Munich album.

thad-jonesafter-hoursThese 2 albums The Magnificent Thad Jones, and After Hours are incredible examples of his playing. Check out his discography at : Link


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It started at Mintons a jazz club that started in 1938 by Henry Minton. Bebop was born here, Mintons policy of holding “Jam Sessions” after hours along with his well known generosity toward musicians attracted the likes of Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk, Charlie Christian, and Kenny Clarke whom were free to explore and workout new ideas that lead to the development of Bebop. Bebop is a fast paced style with improvisations upon the theme, based on harmonic structure instead of the melody. The 1939 recording of “Body and Soul” by Coleman Hawkins is attributed to the first time a jazz artist strayed from the melody and his double jumps in timing marked the beginning of a new way of playing. Jazz moved from Swing , a danceable style, to Bebop, music to listen to, an art form was created.

These early Bebop albums are a start in exploring the style: Shaw Nuff,  Bird and Diz ,  The Quintet.

Some of todays Bebop artist are Roy Hargrove, Joshua Redman, and Nickolas Peyton these young men are keeping the tradition alive today.

The following are some blogs dedicated to Bop : ,

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Jazz sites found!!

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Letter From Evans the Bi-mothly publication dedicated to Jazz pianist Bill Evans. This is a PDF file, and if you change the # before the .pdf the next issue will load.

Jazz Discography Project is a very fine collectors guide dedicated to only the best in Artist’s and Labels.

The Beat Generation features Jack Kerouac and a ton of links concerning the Beanik culture.