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Toshiko Akiyoshi

Toshiko Akiyoshi Piano Trio

When I was a teenager I would catch jazz music late at night as I tuned into the local NPR station on our family’s stereo. One of those long wooden console cabinet types that took up a whole wall and was in style at the time from the 60’s. I remember hearing a set that caught my ear and was very interesting, not really knowing very much about jazz , I do remember the announcer saying “that piece was done by Toshiko and Lew” referring to Lew Tabackin the west coast tenor sax player whom was married to Toshiko and they had a great jazz orchestra at the time. Toshiko is a bop style piano player with her greatest influence being Bud Powell. She also composes alot of her own music and a wonderful big band leader. I have carried this early jazz memory all these years. Today is my birthday!!! And as a gift I received 3 CD’s of Toshiko Akiyoshi’s music: Finesse, New York Sketch Book, both trio settings and Long Yellow Road by her and Lew Tabackin, a great set with their jazz big band. Her music is not well documented in the US. almost everything she has done has been discontinued. I sampled these CD’s using AMG and purchased them through Amazon Marketplace sine they were “imports”. I like listening to really different styles of Jazz, check her out.

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