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I have been away for a long time. But Jazz has always been there for me. I have continued to collect and discover some good jazz music. I find that everyday life will take what is important from you and leave you empty. I will really try and add something to my blog every day if nothing more that to share my own experiences as I discover the almost forgotten jazz world.

First let me say that I have 3 major heros of the Jazz genre. #1 is Bill Evans, #2 is Martial Solal the French Pianist, #3 Keith Jarrett. All though I love all forms of Jazz the trio setting really speaks to me personally.

Ok….Lets make this simple and to the point. If you want to discover quickly what jazz is all about you can start by going to (youtube) and searching for Bill Evans, Martial Solal, or Keith Jarrett and you will see a selection of (live) performances that will hopefully “speak to you”.

Second you can stream music by using several services, itunes, realaudio, windows media player, or Pandora and entering a jazz selection such as Bill Evans and listening on- line to different jazz tracks. (tip) you may want to keep a pencil and paper handy to note any artist that you may especially like.

Now I’m going to give you some personal advice that may not work for everyone. I find that the time when you listen to jazz really makes a difference. I listen to jazz when ever possible. But after midnight, in the quite of the hour you tune into or put on some jazz music…. the stuff comes alive!!! Is it because alot of this music was originally performed or composed at this hour and it’s like magic? I don’t really know. But you have to experience this kind of music at this time of the day. There is a loneliness that speaks to the soul. I will stop for now but will have a new entry tomorrow.

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