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My Equipment

June 19, 2008 Leave a comment

Apple 80 gig Ipod. Plenty of room for my growing Jazz collection. 

Bose noise reducing around the ear headphones. I use these when I want to tune out the other noise going on around me. Very good balanced tonal quality.

Sennheiser HD435 open air headphones. The sound on these are incredible. They have deeper base and still reproduce crystal clear highs. They are open air so you can hear noises around you. 

Itunes. I have each album in it’s own playlist and just scroll through my collection by album.

My  CD purchases are  basically all through Amazon. I can save usually a couple of bucks on each CD, and their quality of shipping is the best. I transfer the artwork and CD to a plastic CD sleeve that protects both (check out Jazz Loft CD sleeves)  These are great space savers. I also keep my MP3’s backed up on disk.